The activities in our English Corner (2part)

In our Primary Hall we have our English Corner to share with our students English traditions in English speaking countries. We show you the last activities that we have organized. 

April world aquatic animal day 

In April the children have been learning about world aquatic animal day and the English language assistant team thought it would be a great way to showcase some of the kids’ work in class. The students have been doing research into different animals living in our oceans and making some amazing posters. Feel free to come and check out their work and learn something at the same time!! 

Mother´s day

May 14th in the U.S.A was Mother’s Day. As this is an important day and a celebration that the children are aware of, we decided it was a great idea to decorate the English corner and give the students in primary school more information. It is important from a cultural perspective for the children to understand that although this is an internationally popular day, the dates are not the same in different countries. 

For example in the UK Mother´s Day is celebrated on the 19th of March. This is typically celebrated as it is here in Spain, with people giving their mums flowers or chocolates and by writing handmade cards expressing their gratitude for the hard work that they do.

Cambridge exams: (NOT OFFICIAL EXAMS)

As the end of another busy school year fast approaches, we have been preparing a mock test of the Cambridge exams to prepare the students for what is to come as they move into secondary school. Although not official Cambridge exams, this was an opportunity to check where the level for the year was and to use the results to help guide us in our planning for next year’s course. 

The students have done the reading and writing, listening and speaking parts of the test and were each given an overall score and an idea of their English level based on their final scores. This is the second year doing this and we already have some great ideas on how to improve for next year. For those students who have not experienced any official Cambridge exams, this experience would have been invaluable as they will need to eventually get used to it. As they progress through higher education, having an official Cambridge (or equivalent) title will be an essential for studies or work. 

See you in September!!!!!